Two million euros for medical research


Instrumentarium Science Foundation has awarded a total of two million euros in grants to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Grants were awarded to 74 individuals or groups.

The Foundation awarded five EUR 100 000 Instrufoundation Fellow grants. For the first time ever, Silmu grants were awarded to innovative researchers and science entrepreneurs for innovative projects that promote new businesses. Four start-up companies each received a EUR 50 000 Silmu grant. In addition, six post-doc grants were granted for research work abroad of up to two years period. Total 59 grants were granted to doctoral students, amounting EUR 980 000.

A total of 412 applications were submitted for the 2020 anniversary grant application round, totalling EUR 13.3 Million. 15% of all applications were granted.

 Instrufoundation Fellow grants5 500 000 €
 Post-doc grants6 320 000 €
 Silmu grants4 200 000 €
 Grants for doctoral students59
 980 000 €

Press release:


Unfortunately, we are having to cancel the grant distribution ceremony scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, 2020 due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The grants given in 2020 and before: