Grant payment request

The foundation will pay the grants after the announcement event or at a later date desired by the recipient of the grant. If the grant is not withdrawn within one year of its award, it expires, unless otherwise agreed with the foundation. The grant recipient must prepare a report on the use of the grant electronically through the grant service within one year of the end of the grant payment.

Grant payment request

The grant payment request is sent electronically through the foundation's grant service by filling in the required information To log in, you need the payment code sent with the approval letter. Please note that the grant payment request can only be made with the same credentials with which the grant application was made.

The payment request must be made no later than 7 days before the desired payment time. The grantee must make a payment request for his/her entire personal grant share. Grants of more than 30,000 euros can be paid in two instalments. The responsible manager of the project makes the payment requests of communities and working groups. Mandatory information in the payment request is the grantee's name, account number, social security number or date of birth, address and payment schedule.

The grants are paid to the recipient's personal account (not the university's or department's), with the exception of the Fellow and Silmu grants, which are intended for community use.

The payment schedule for the year 2024: 4.1., 28.2., 3.6. and 1.11.


The social security of the grantees is organized based on the MYEL pension insurance in Mela. The grantee must apply for insurance coverage through the electronic transaction service on Mela's website. The grant has been awarded for scientific work.

Mela (The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution of Finland) requires a statutory Myel insurance of those receiving a working grant for a minimum of four months. See Mela’s website for more information.

The Science Foundation reports the grants paid to Mela and annually reports to the Tax Administration. According to the law, the insurance obligation applies to all grant recipients covered by Finnish social security who have received a work grant from Finland.

Changes in the payment of personal grants may affect the grant recipient's MYEL insurance coverage. The grantee must immediately inform Mela of the change him/herself. We recommend that you inquire with Mela before schedule changes are made to the project, how the changes will affect the insurance coverage and especially the duration of the insurance period.

For more information on payment requests: grant(at)

Technical support can help with technical questions related to the use of the system: application support(at)